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"How to Memorize" is a go-at-your-own-pace online video training series for students who want to memorize faster and much more effectively.

With changes in technology, the opportunity we have to learn new information is incredible!

But so many people struggle figuring out how to retain and remember that information … until now!

How to Memorize” is a paint-by-numbers program anyone can use to learn new, super-effective memorization techniques, and start memorizing and learning faster than ever before.

It’s all about discovering how your mind naturally remembers information, learning techniques to 'hack' into that process, and applying them to any type of information or topic.

It’s how you fulfil your potential to learn fast and effectively … without the endless repetition, stress and frustration.

We use whiteboard animation videos to teach advanced memorization techniques, so you crush your exams!

Who is How to Memorize for?

Whether you want to improve your memory for school or college and boost your exam performance, or simply increase your self-confidence in your ability to learn, Memorize Academy will help you:
  • Memorize Fast and Effectively
  • Learn New Memory Techniques You Didn’t Know Existed
  • Grow Your Confidence to Learn and Remember Anything
  • Experience Exhilaration When You Study
  • Customize Strategies For Your Different Subjects and Topics
  • Master Expert-Level Memorization Techniques
  • Save Time by Memorizing Faster and Reducing Review Time
  • Set the Foundation for a Solid Education and Career
  • Stand Out From Other Students
  • Boost Your Exam Performance
All while focusing on your priorities and becoming an AMAZING student

Ready to Move Past Other Students?

Memorize Academy is the real deal!

While it’s by no means a “secret shortcut” program, anyone with the discipline to follow simple steps can do this and transform their memorization ability fast!

One of the biggest reasons people struggle with remembering new information is missing the basic skills and strategies to memorize effectively.

But in ‘How to Memorize’, we break everything down in an easy to understand and implement method.

Each foundation lesson is presented in a specific order, to ensure you build your skills from the ground up.

There’s no question about what to do next, and you’ll achieve things you’re truly proud of!

"I found your course just before the beginning of the semester. You made learning feel more like a journey than a chore, which is something I think very few people get to experience. By the end of the semester, I brought my GPA up from a 2.75 to a 3.75 (I even took more classes than I normally do). I haven't been an A student since grade school! Thank you Kyle for your training - you single-handedly changed the way I approach any new information."

John Medlock

Lifetime Online Access.

Go At Your Own Pace.

It's Like Being at School ... But So Much Better!

Your entire course is online and can be completed from the comfort of your home or on-the-go. New content is added continuously, but you have lifetime access, so you can revisit old and new content any time - now or in the future.


Foundations of Fast Improvement

Understand how your memory works, plus quick, easy strategies to start memorizing faster today! This is no "secret shortcut" program, but you will be amazed how easily you experience an improvement in what you can memorize. The first time you remember and recall this quickly will boost your self-confidence in what you can do. The opening foundation videos and techniques will get you excited about the quick return on your investment.

Memorizing Numbers

The most important memory strategies are the ones that are flexible and easily adaptable. You'll discover a simple strategy to remember numbers, but then you'll keep moving forward. Step-by-step, you'll learn a single advanced technique you can use to memorize numbers of any kind - dates, PINs, scientific and mathematical constants. And not just that, it will also become a framework for remembering lists of words or customized tasks like formulas and chemical equations.

Vocabulary, Definitions and Short Answer Questions

When studying for an exam or test, people are often unsure of which memory strategy they should use. The truth is, sometimes you can use a single technique for different types of questions - but you need to know how to apply it. In this section of videos, you'll be introduced to a technique for memorizing English or foreign vocabulary, words and their definitions, or short answer questions. Having a tool isn't always enough, you need to now how to use it too.

Large Amounts of Information

Every student feels like they have a mountain of information to learn! Whether you're a medical or law student, or a high school student trying to memorize an entire textbook, a specific approach to handling a large amount of information is needed. You'll learn a framework that can be applied to any subject or topic, no matter how much knowledge you need to hold in your memory. Within that flexible structure you'll be able to organize your knowledge, use various memory techniques, and build an ever-growing library of information to recall at will.

Essays, Speeches, Quotes, Poetry or Lines for a Play

Words, words and more words. Sometimes you need to remember and recall words you've written yourself and sometimes it's other people's words. Sometimes you have to write them down in an exam or recite them aloud. Each situation requires a different approach, and you'll discover how to handle each of them. Learn how to balance your time and effort with achieving the goal of your particular memory challenge.

Formulas and Equations

For exam questions using formulas or equations, the greatest value is usually in understanding and applying them to the problem. However, some students also need to recall the formula itself. Once you've mastered the foundation memory techniques, you'll be able to customize and apply them to equations of any type. In this section of videos you'll watch demonstrations and examples of how to do exactly that.

Muscles, Chemical Ions, Names & Faces and more ...

Once we've got all the pieces in place, it's time to start applying them. With this step-by-step training you'll learn how to apply the different techniques to specific situations and examples. Medical and health students love the examples showing how to memorize muscles and high school students find the chemical ion demonstration high value. This section is where new videos are continuously being added. Ask for a specific example, and popular requests are turned into new whiteboard animation lessons.


Bonus #1

Lifetime Pass to New Videos

New videos are being continuously added to 'How to Memorize'. As students request demonstrations of how to apply best-practice techniques to different examples, they're often turned into new video lessons in the course. You'll get full access to all those new videos at no further cost.

Bonus #2

Access to 'Memorize the Periodic Table'

Memorize all 118 chemical elements within 3 hours with this ground-breaking video series. Watch and listen to this amazing brain hack and the knowledge will be put into your head for you. Experience the mind-blowing power of best-practice memory techniques - and it's all been done for you.

Bonus #3

6 Mth Ask-Me-Anything Pass

The world's most viewed memory coach is now your coach. Kyle personally reads and replies to every comment and question inside the membership site. He'll answer your questions, give advice and listen to your ideas for new videos. All the benefits of a personal memory coach at a fraction of the price. 

"I love all of it, the videos have completely changed the way I study and recall of facts is so much easier. It has also cut the amount of time I need to spend on each topic and actually has made revision quite fun.
I do psychology and we focus a lot on memory. I love that unlike regular study this way of remembering facts helps you retain the info in long term memory. Previously using other study methods it was easy to forget the facts after the exams.
These videos have helped me so much, thank you so much for making and sharing them."

Niketa Ferguson (Psychology student)

"What was valuable about this video course? Every. Single. Aspect.
I am a pre-nursing student and many of these techniques are useful in memorizing subjects like anatomy and medical terminology. I was happy to discover that there was a video on how to memorize foreign words--which medical terminology can often be! These methods will be useful to any student interested in the medical field."
Ashlyn Allan (Pre-nursing student)

"This taught me not only ways of memorizing things, but how to apply the methods in real-life situations. I learned several different methods of memorizing large quantities of information as well as different methods for remembering different kinds of information such as numbers. One of the most valuable things I found was the key word method for foreign vocabulary."

Kyle Anderson (High school student)

100% Money Back Guarantee

With Memorize Academy's 'How to Memorize', there's no risk. If you are not 100% satisfied and the training doesn't blow your mind, ask for your money back within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.

About Kyle

When he learned how to memorize large amounts of new information fast and easily, Kyle felt an excitement and self-confidence he'd never known.

After teaching other people how to do it too, he was inspired to begin changing the lives of as many people as possible.

Now Kyle Buchanan is the most viewed memory coach in the world with over 10 million video views across YouTube and other platforms.

He has pioneered the use of whiteboard animation videos to teach best-practice memorization techniques to students and lifelong learners around the world.

As a best selling author, Kyle changed the way thousands and thousands of people around the world memorize. When he began creating videos, that increased to millions of people.

With four university degrees, he understands how painful the learning process is for many students - and how exhilarating it can be with the right skills and strategies!

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