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If you’re like the typical student, you find study frustrating and painful.

You go over and over the same material, and new information leaves your mind faster than it enters.

Sound familiar?

That’s a real problem when you don’t get the grades you want. Your dream college, job or career become less likely.

It's time to give your approach to memorization a huge boost.

In this short video series, you’ll discover how to use the stunning potential of your memory with 3 simple techniques.

You’ll learn:

  • Your most powerful type of memory and how to use it
  • How to memorize faster and reduce review time
  • And how to memorize abstract words and concepts

These are the exact strategies used by the world's best students, memory experts, speed learners, educators and academics.

Pretty soon, you’ll be saying things like this -

Brilliant, brilliant, to put this in school won't be sooo tough (wahoo)!!

This is the first step towards establishing yourself as a high performing student.

Kyle Buchanan is the world's most viewed memory coach - and you're about to find out why!

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Here are some of the comments from our students:

This is absolutely brilliant
Suhas 3 Feb 2017

Kyle, you are an unbelievable teacher. Thanks for providing me such a platform. I'll definitely share this with my friends.
Shreyas KA 31 Jan 2017

Thanks for this lesson. I use all 5 steps and apply it to my 9 yr old school lessons and trust me it worked. Keep up the great work, it is greatly appreciated by us.
Bella27 26 Jan 2017

This is AWESOME!!
Anna 23 Jan 2017

dang this is actually blowing my mind I memorized everything well and I usually suck at memorizing stuff!  
Ash 10 Jan 2017

I am out of words its really amazing  
Akhila 10 Jan 2017

Nice job Kyle, very comprehensive!
Ali 10 Jan 2017

I am so amazed, I cant wait to put this into everyday practice to memorize new stuff!!
Silver 3 Jan 2017

Thanks so much Kyle, I've always struggled with my studies, but from I've been watching all your videos... Everything just change in an instant and I would like to take this journey to the next level.
Kiesha Pitter 29 Dec 2016

Thank you kyle fr this video... I used it to memorize some scientific names and in my exam when i got 45/50 i was only in my class to write the names correctly and got the hightest marks in biology... My teacher was shocked about it... This video is really pretty cool... 😊
Diganta 28 Dec 2016

Memorize academy is the best.It really helped me a lot in my tests.And studying without being bored!!!!!AMAZING i thought that would never happen.Now i have that urge to study now.Thank you very much for making my life easier.
Danielle Semple 26 Dec 2016

That's just amazing!!
Bella 22 Dec 2016

Thank you so much Kyle, on the third video now and I've already seen impressive results in studying! Thank you so much!
Pradnya 20 Dec 2016

Your videos are great as always! Thank you kyle! now i have a trump card of my exams. *grin*
Gremar Claire Gomera 19 Dec 2016

I still can't believe the capabilities of my memory :]
Michelle Nguyen 13 Dec 2016

Randomly I found this videos in YouTube and found this page... it's really amazing... am able to recall all the word... and able to recall previous videos also... I ll try to imply in my studies also... thanks a lot for creating these videos ...
Sandhya 9 Dec 2016

Awesome awesome awesome! So excited! Looking forward for more! 😊
Akshaya 9 Dec 2016

I'm using this to help me get through college. This is gold for a first generation student! Thanks so much.
Sabrina 7 Dec 2016

I was failing science i used this and now i am finally get a good grade
Ethan Mavuzi 7 Dec 2016

This is GREAT and Amazing
Kooruwage Priyantha Fernando 23 Nov 2016

This is great, thank you so so so much.
Kudzai 14 Oct 2016

WOW!! Brilliant!
Jeanross Albert 13 Oct 2016

thanks a lot for sharing such a amazing technique of learning
Aisha 3 Oct 2016

This has blown my mind away, so glad that I found your website 😊😊😊. I can just memorize without even trying too...this is way to awesome
John Smith 2 Oct 2016

this is truly amazing... I'm so happy i found this. Im currently implementing this in my biomedical studies!
Doujone 28 Sept 2016

Thankyou soooo much. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing!!
Tanvi 26 Sept 2016

Brilliant, brilliant, to put this in school won't be sooo tough (wahoo)!!
Mattie 23 Sept 2016

this is too good to be free
Jovan 19 Sept 2016

first time i can finally be smarter and get good grades you are sick im ganna share this with my family. wow i cant belive somthing work on internet. btw this thing is a life changer. you dont know how much you helped me. you rock.
abdalla balbaisi 16 Sept 2016

OMG how awesome
Chrissy 15 Sept 2016

Thank you for creating such a wonderful program
Tabo 13 Sept 2016

It's working amazing thank you very much
Sara ahmed mohamed said 12 Sept 2016

Those videos are just amazing.i have started implementing all of them into my studies,its working great.thank you for your free videos.
Kavya 9 Sept 2016

Thank you so much for sharing this techniques I can already feel the impact it will make in my student life.
Jessica 28 Aug 2016

This is truly amazing! I am studying for the ASVAB (entrance exam for the military) and have a month to study. Thank you so much and wish you a marvelous day!
Jose 27 Aug 2016

today was my exam results and i got a heart attack i got full marks in each & every subject... , people talking around me that how this guys who was a crazy man and always used to hang around got full marks in every exams........ A very special thanks to kyle that he helped me a lot in my studies
soumyabrata ghosh 24 Aug 2016

This is great! :)
Annie Williams 19 Aug 2016

mind blowing... thankyou so much:*
Sana Ameena 17 Aug 2016

This is really cool. I first saw this when looking for strategies to teach my sons that I home-school. Both have learning challenges but your technique makes learning absolutely fun for them and they remember.
Jamila Harris 12 Aug 2016

WOW! I memorized so many words (: I'm so happy
Cealeena Bowers 6 Aug 2016

I can't believe it's working, I mean … wow…
Susan Butler 1 Aug 2016

Wow this is amazing!
Stephan Rhodes 30 July 2016

You're amazing men thank you really much for helping us!
fenyolevi 22 July 2016

Damn, Just finished school and now i see this videos...
Sony 12 July 2016

Just pure awesomeness.
Yitzak Angelakis 6 July 2016

Dude u are just awesome. 👌
Nishant Gupta 21 May 2016

Thank you so much for making such incredible resources available to us, it is truly a blessing when you are frustrated and headache ridden to find a solution to those memorizing problems.
Nilton Mabaso 5 Apr 2016

Thanks for this fantastic course - I have even learned the periodic table from you and just say: where were you twenty years ago when I started my chemistry studies at the university :-) Your instructions are clear and explicit and easy to understand follow. And even more - its so fun!
Bjorn Forsberg
1 Apr 2016

At 41 and having went back to school with people in their 20's, I had thought that my memory was slipping. I just found this system yesterday and am amazed at how well I did with visual memory
Jason Maxwell
16 Mar 2016

Amazing! These videos are great! I've been taking notes on all of them so far! They will be incredibly helpful for efficiency and memorization.
Shubab 22 Feb 2016

This course is amazing. I never knew I could memorize things so fast. Thank you Kyle Buchanan
Lucas 7 Feb 2016

Anca Maria 7 Feb 2016

I don't believe this! It's truly amazing... can't wait to learn more. Thank you for these free videos Kyle! You are awesome!
Donna Cottle 4 Feb 2016

This is so exciting! I am going to let my very visual learning daughter watch this and soar!!
Elizabeth 3 Feb 2016

I can feel my life's only been 2 days! Ha! I am eager to see what's more to come. I really appreciate how you take the time to communicate with us. Of all my years in school I've never learned how to learn! (If that makes sense) I am hopeful that this well help me along through nursing school.
Ashlyn 20 Jan 2016

OMG! that's awesome! I was laughing at how ridiculous it was that I remembered the entire story and ALL the words! I need this during my Anatomy/Physiology class (Summer 2016)
Christina Cooper 20 Jan 2016

This is like the biggest step I have taken towards memorizing. Thank you so much for all the videos. This truly is awesome.
Amogh Krishna  18 Jan 2016

Wow!! Amazing. Want to learn more…
Hendi Telemaque 17 Jan 2016

Thank you so much for this experience... All four videos have been watched and have literally blown my mind!!
Carlos 14 Jan 2016

thank you so much :D you're doing an amazing job, i'll make sure to follow whatever you publish on the topic.
ika 12 Jan 2016

Thank you so much for this techniques, they are so helpful.
Adna 12 Jan 2016

OMG it really works! i love this technique!
Diksha Nigam 11 Jan 2016

wow..this is the most amazing set of videos that I have ever watched!!!!
umanda 8 Jan 2016

Thank you for this awesome course.
TariQ 8 Jan 2016

Emma Swain 8 Jan 2016

Amazing! And exhilarating!
Giuseppina Nozza 6 Jan 2016

The 3 Foundation Techniques

Want to become an amazing student? Learn the foundation visual memory techniques that will help you memorize fast, easily and effectively. This short video series will introduce you to the power of your visual memory in less than one hour.

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