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Memorize the Presidents


Memorize the Names of all the Presidents in Less than 1 Hour!

Memorization can be boring and painful – especially if you’ve got a test in the next couple of days.

But memorizing the names of all the US Presidents can actually be fun, easy and fast!

Watch these five short whiteboard animation videos and you’ll be stunned how easily you’ll recall and recite the names of all the Presidents of the United States.

I’m going to use best-practice memorization techniques to hack your memory.

Just watch and listen to the videos and I’ll put the memories into your head for you!

Sound amazing?

It is.

That’s why I’m the world’s most viewed memory coach.

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What are our students saying?

Thank you very much for your memorizing presidents course it really helped me memorize all 45 presidents in less than an hour for my test in civics!
Ishan Vepa 2 Feb 2017

These are amazing! Thanks for sharing your creativity. It's genius :)
Josie Rock 31 Jan 2017

That was great. Reading them off flash cards never really worked for me but now all I have to do is start a story and I can remember it. I have aced all my presidents so far but Monday is when we do all 45 and I'm so excited because I know I'll crush it. Thank You so much this really helped me
Nasara 28 Jan 2017

This was awesome I memorized all of the presidents in a hour.
Lally 28 Jan 2017

whoooo! I am really amazed.
Suz 11 Jan 2017

Man that was great!! This was the easiest way to memorize them :)
Rene M 10 Jan 2017

this is so cool i got all of them
Jude Truschel 3 Jan 2017

You literally just saved my grade on my history final. Thank you!!!
Becca Telander 18 Dec 2017

You have saved my life! I love this so much! Thank you!
Morgan 21 Oct 2016

Mind blown at how fast I learned all of them!!! This video was a lifesaver!!
Gelila 11 Oct 2016

Oh my lands! I literally learned these in less than 20 mins. I'm memorizing faster than ever!!! 
Aleiha Mitchell 3 Oct 2016

I love the presidents video
Jodi Lyn Peer 29 Sept 2016

You are a life saver! I'm so happy I found this :)
Elizabeth 11 Sept 2016

Three of us just memorized it!
Courtney Bradley 9 Sept 2016

Oh my goodness, this is working so well! I can now remember all of the us presidents in order!!! Thanks Kyle.
Beccah 8 Sept 2016

Wow that was so easy I memorized all 44 presidents in around an hour
Menashe 20 Aug 2016

Good course Kyle, all 44 remembered in less than an hour. Thanks!
Simon Thomas 5 Aug 2016

Love it!! Great whiteboards! And so easy to learn and retain. You've done it again, dear Kyle!
Sylvia 31 July 2016


Memorize the Presidents

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