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Memorize the Periodic Table (First 20 Elements)


Memorize the First 20 Elements in Less than 30 Minutes!

Do you have an exam tomorrow? Are you feeling the pressure to learn the periodic table super quickly?

Or maybe you’ve just discovered Memorize Academy and you’re feeling a bit sceptical about what the video training can do.

This short videos series is the solution to your worries!

The whiteboard animation videos hack your memory by using best-practice memorization techniques.

Effective memorization is all about visualization and association. You picture something in your mind and associate it with something else you know.

That’s exactly what these videos do for you.

All you need to do is register, watch and listen – I’ll do the rest!

You’ll watch an illustration being drawn, and shown how to link that picture to the name of a chemical element. Then a crazy story will link the name of that element to the next illustration and chemical element.

It’s fast, engaging and super effective.

I am using these videos at home to teach jr high students the elements in order. I NEVER EVER learned this in my college chemistry classes. This gives these kids a huge advantage for life in the sciences. I'm so grateful for these videos!
Kathy Lovell

Excellent!!! Absolutely brilliant!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou very much - you are a genius!!!
Francine Vegvary

This is a great way to learn the periodic table! I had it memorised in less than 30 minutes. Great job Kyle!
Zain Williams

You’ll amaze yourself with how quickly and easily these chemical element names will stick in your memory.

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Here are some (there are plenty more) of the comments from our students:

This helps a lot! Thank you so much!
Desiree 4 Feb 2017

Ryan Rayner 4 Feb 2017

I got an A+ on my test yay!
Seth Roundtree 4 Feb 2017

I have a quiz in chemistry on the first 15 tomorrow, and this has helped me so much. My friend recommended I write everything down 10 times, like I usually do for my Latin class, but this is so much easier. I watched the video once, and I know everything. This is awesome, thank you
Rosie Nemec 1 Feb 2017

CHEMISTRY MADE EASY!!! Wow! Your effort has made it easy for me! Thank you soooooo much!
Meril Marya John 1 Feb 2017

What can I say? Its super, wonderful and amazing. You are a genius.... I don't like chemistry and especially periodic table elements... but now you have made it easy for me. thanks a lot.
Jino 30 Jan 2017

This was great! I kept a copy of the periodic table next to me so I could associate the letter with the word too! Thank you!
Kassandra Miller 29 Jan 2017

Just memorized the first 20 elements in order so I've got the atomic numbers down too! This is great stuff! Gotta go renew my subscription to "Mag Knees". Thanks! :p
Melodie Hurtubise 28 Jan 2017

Thanks Kyle u made so easy to study
Aishwarya 28 Jan 2017

Amazing videos. Earlier I was simply rote memorizing but after seeing your videos it is so easy to learn things. I am grateful to you. Very helpful for school students.😊
Kritikaa Saini 29 Jan 2017

i got an A thanks to you
Jennifer Hedlund 26 Jan 2017

Bridget 20 Jan 2017

Did not realize it was this easy! 
Madison DeGeorge 18 Jan 2017

I used to hate science and I had to be forced to memorise the periodic table, but now after I found this, I can't believe that I actually love all this! Thanks for the video, it really helped! 
Nina Sang 18 Jan 2017

wow! this was really very helpful and thanks for sharing this video 
Faiqa Zahra 16 Jan 2017

I'm so thankful for this creation Thank you very much 
Rahul 12 Jan 2017

Great video!! I'm usually terrible at memorizing things, but I'm sure I'll be able to remember this video. :) 
Birdie 08 Jan 2017

Thank YOU so much......for making this so EASY 
Namitha 07 Jan 2017

its not only memorize the periodic table ......its also memorize "kyle buchanan" awesome ......ill remember u nd this 20 elements my whole life πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ 
Saim 07 Jan 2017

This is definitely gonna come in handy! 
Alyssa Owens 06 Jan 2017

That was something really amazing. I never thought that chemistry can be that easy........!!! 
Jaya 05 Jan 2017

It was an amazing video! I just took my book out for the periodic table and then mom got this video for me! Literally, I have memorized the first twenty elements through the visual story within minutes. Thank you for this awesome video! 
Anushka Santoshkumar 03 Jan 2017

Oh my! that IS amazing thank you so much for the bonus sheet, I passed the test, thanks to you. I also told some close friends about Memorize Academy ,who are also struggling with a bunch of things. We all want to thank you, I don't have to worry about failing anymore!
Honey Toast 29 Dec 2016

It was amazing... 
Nishant Gupta 01 Jan 2017

Thanks so much Kyle, really helpful... You are truly inspiring!☺
Kiesha Pitter 29Dec 2016

nice, I love it you are doing a great job dude 
chirag 26 Dec 2016

Thank you so much Kyle. The videos helped me very much. And they're very interesting too. 
Antra Rajpurohit 27 Dec 2016

I have a Chemistry test tommorow on the periodic table and I'm helpless in memorizing stuff like that, BUT YOUR VIDEOS ARE GREAT, thank you so much, it was really helpful! 
Honey Toast 27 Dec 2016

Im in 6th grade worrying about a huge test of the periodic table and this helps so much 
Kali jukich 24 Dec 2016

Thanks Kyle! We're using them for fun in our 5th grade class! 
Frank Bantle 17 Dec 2016

I literally cannot forget these anymore they are forever in my brain thank you for these! 
mohammad abouzeid 07 Dec 2016

I had to memorize the periodic table in less then 24 hrs. I was really worried and getting sick over this until my mom found this video. I thought the videos was silly but, they work. I aced my test. 
Amy Dickey 01 Dec 2016

This is so good!! WELL DONE!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβ€ 
Naomi 11 Dec 2016

Thank you for creating this! I was surprised to see how easily I could recite them after the video. Keep up the awesome work! 
Rena 01 Dec 2016

Wow, just wow. I remember all 20 of them! At first I thought "this isn't possible," but then it was- wow. I have a big test on December 14 and need to remember 54 of them, but me being me, I am going to do the challenge option which is memorizing all 118 of them (that's the right number right? I have a short memory 😊). Just a half hour or so ago, I was exploring on YouTube when all of a sudden I see this video about how to remember faster, thinking that it will help me on my project, I click on it. I'm so glad I did. After watching the video, suddenly this link pops up saying that I can easily memorize the whole periodic table. Boy, I couldn't believe my luck! I followed that link and that's how I got here with 20 elements already memorized. I still can't believe the last half hour. So thank you, thank you for saving me from all those days of boring memorizing of words, rhymes, and songs. I will beg my parents to buy me the whole set, so I can memorize them all! I will also recommend my teacher, friends, and peers here, that's how great these videos are. 
Nelly M 1 Dec 2016

Wow this is so easy to remember! 
Ranshul 28 Nov 2016

You deserve endless recognition. Thanks a lot 
Frederic 25 Nov 2016

This helped me thank you! 
Brent Bro 23 Nov 2016

Thank you. That was great! 
Mariam Abdulla 23 Nov 2016

Super helpful!! This will come in handy for my MCAT! 
Marianna Crociani 22 Nov 2016

Wow, I am going to crush my end of year exams now! Thanks heaps! 
Sean 21 Nov 2016

Thanks Kyle! This has really helped! 
Matthew Watkins 19 Nov 2016

Never expected that I would be able to learn the periodic table so easily. Thanks a lot. 
Swarali 16 Nov 2016

It was really cool, easy & interesting.Thank u so much kyle :) 
R. Praveen Kumar 08 Nov 2016

Thank you so much, as a boy that just got into sixth grade your educational videos please continue your work! 
Charles Morris 08 Nov 2016

Thank you Soo much! Now I'm Ahead in the class! Thanks to you and I hope In the future you can keep this up and give me more of this education that I need THANKS! 
Jiahao 07 Nov 2016

It's amazing! 
Silica Lahiri 07 Nov 2016

Thank you so much. Very Helpful! 
Daniel Mckenzie 07 Nov 2016

Steve 07 Nov 2016

Wow, it only took me 20 min to memorize the first 20 elementsπŸ˜‚ 
Weird Person 07 Nov 2016

Thanks sir, it's so easy to memorise periodic table by this method. And once again thank you sir 
Jacob 03 Nov 2016

This is just....FANTASTIC!!! 
Josh Davies 03 Nov 2016

This is VERY useful. Thank you SO much! 
Melissa L Flowers 18 Oct 2016

I have used your program and i think it is absolutely amazing! I aced my science test and got 100% thanks to you. I think your program is very smart and it definitely works! 
Adam 15 Oct 2016

Thank you! You have helped me alot :) Now I know the 20 first elements
Sebb 12 Oct 2016

Amazing technique my daughter loved it. Thank you 
GRISELDA Uribe 14 Oct 2016

You definitely help me to remember the first 20 elements. Thank you very much! 
Ronald Ho 10 Oct 2016

This is awesome!!! Helped me to remember first 20 elements. Thank you very much 
Siulolovao Mesake 07 Oct 2016

Wow! I could remember the elements without revision. Just out of curiosity I tried and now I feel confident to go for more. This makes learning fun and easy. Thankyou Kyle! 
Augustine 06 Oct 2016

"Thank you so much.... it is a very easy way of learning the periodic table. It is very useful for my board exams. Thanks"
Isha 1 Oct 2016

"Thank you so so so soooo much!!!!"
Esmeralda Soto 1 Oct 2016

"I am using these videos at home to teach jr high students the elements in order. I NEVER EVER learned this in my college chemistry classes. This gives these kids a huge advantage for life in the sciences. I'm so grateful for these videos!"
Kathy Lovell 28 Sept 2016

"Didn't ever think that I would ever master this. In less than 30 minutes I have 20 elements off head?! Unbelievable!"
Rita Kiwala 24 Sept 2016

"This is a great way to learn the periodic table! I had it memorised in less than 30 minutes. Great job Kyle!"
Zain Williams 14 Sept 2016

"Excellent!!! Absolutely brilliant!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou very much - you are a genius!!!"
Francine Vegvary 12 Sept 2016

"I had a exam today on the periodic table and u got all if them right .thank you so much"
Akisha Phillip 8 Sept 2016

"So simple and yet such a beautiful technique...thank you so very much for making my learning more enjoyable."
Camelia Penetito 16 July 2016

"Came across this video while I was looking to make chemistry fun for my daughter. She was dreading learning these elements and suddenly had a smile on her face when she went through your videos. She's done learning the first 10 by just watching the video once. Thank you so much!!"
Aditi 15 July 2016

"My 9 yr old son and I watch this over and over. He loves impressing his friends and family. Thank you so much for these techniques coupled with great visual artistry!!"
Sylvia 14 July 2016

"thank you soooo much for making these, this stuff seemed hopeless but now its a breeze!"
Michelle Rendleman 14 July 2016

"Wow, learned these in minutes. You just made me a better teacher! Thank You"
Jackie Perez 18 Jun 2016

"simply awesome"
Jad 12 Jun 2016

"That was brilliant Kyle. You made memorizing so easy. Thank you very much!!"
Maryam 7 Jun 2016

"Absolutely brilliant! Wish you were around when I was in high school and had to memorise the periodic table. Took my daughter less than half an hour to memorise the entire table. Finally, the penny also dropped about what I was trying to teach her about using an association of ideas for complex work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Monique Holtzhausen 5 Jun 2016

"Excellent to memorise in short period of time. The most important that I can remember it for longer time not just short term memory."
Susan 2 Jun 2016

"Wow! Thank You SOOOOOOO much for these videos! They were really helpful to me for exams! Thank you Kyle!!! :D"
Dude Man 23 May 2016

"Thank you. Its almost unbelievable."
Andrew Rubia 18 May 2016

"AMAZING WORK! Thank you so much! Thanks to this video, I can remember the first twenty elements :) Thumbs up!"
Leah Ashley 15 May 2016

"This made memorizing so much easier! Thank you!"
Sidney 9 May 2016

"Wow! Thank you so much - I have a test in two days time and have been trying to learn this for days. I've learned the first 20 elements in about 15 minutes. Amazing! I'm so happy. Thank you so so much!"
Sarah Beach 4 May 2016

"Your videos helped so much! Thank you!"
Eric 27 Apr 2016

"Our 9-year-old and I memorised the first 20 elements in 20 minutes with your method. It's so fun - and it works!"
Julie Harris 2 Apr 2016

"My 6 year old learned 11-20 in 2 views of the video. amazing"
John Reaume 21 Mar 2016

"My eighth grader appreciates you making these videos. They are very helpful in learning the elements. I hope we can incorporate some of these new skills to memorizing other things as well."
Thomisa Fugel 15 Mar 2016

"I showed my daughter. We LOVE them! We were laughing at how clever they are. She wants to show her best friend in school. (We homeschool.)"
Lucie Miller 12 Mar 2016

"I LOVE THIS! This helped me so much, and I have a quiz on this tomorrow!!!"
Alex 4 Mar 2016

"Thank you so much for making these videos!"
Daisy 2 Mar 2016

"I thought that your video for memorising the first twenty elements was absolutely amazing! I had them all memorises within 20 minutes"
Kyle Anderson 29 Feb 2016

"Thanks - I'm a granny - well over 70 - but always like to learn new skills. Feel proud that I now know the first 20 elements - never studied chemistry but can keep up (well not really) with my clever grandchildren."
Dorothy 28 Feb 2016

"amazing! I needed this for my chemistry test tomorrow that I didn't get study for 😁. but now I know it all!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β€οΈβ€οΈ"
Adryan Kourtsidis 22 Feb 2016

"WOW! I homeschool my 9yr old and we both just manged to memeorize the first 10 in one viewing! Awesome, thank you!!!"
Nicole Spielman 17 Feb 2016

"Thought learning the first 20 would take days but took only like 10 minutes. Thank you so much for making this easy!"
Rizban 13 Feb 2016

"On to more! This is great, I never thought I could do it!"
Judi Foscarini 13 Feb 2016

"I am so glad I stumbled across these videos. They really do change your studying experience and make you an overall better student. Just amazing!"
Lucas 11 Feb 2016

"I am Amazed by this I just learned 20 elements in less than 20 min!!! Now 30 more for me!"
Meghan 11 Feb 2016

"Amazing! Got the 1st 20!! Thanks :)"
Viheno 9 Feb 2016

"I am happy I visited your site, As a mature student returning to school in hopes to achieve my goal of becoming a registered nurse. I will definitely use your method for more than the periodic table....Thank you!"
Nicki 6 Feb 2016

"Thanks this helped me with my chemistry test"
Madison Shealy 6 Feb 2016

"You slay omg, thank you so so much. You're amazingggg ah!!"
Nikita Mehta 4 Feb 2016

"These videos are really awesome.I had never thought that it would be so easy to learn these elements through visualization techniques.Thank u so much..."
hina arif 3 Feb 2016

"Thank You Very Much. It was awesome , i never thought that i would be able to learn them so easily ^_^  Thanks To You :)"
Usman Alamgir 2 Feb 2016

"You are a genius, it's indeed very helpful."
Jahwhhw 1 Feb 2016

"You are amazing! This is one of the best memorizing tehniques i`ve ever seen. Pure awsomeness! Great job!"
Pavel 30 Jan 2016

"Its Awesome.Thank u so much for making me aware of this 'Creative learning technique'. "
Sheetal Giri 26 Jan 2016

"This is so helpful And it stays in my memory zone forever when i think of it i think of the storyline going from hydrogen to calcium. Thnxxx! "
viliami 25 Jan 2016

"this helped so much it's incredible thank you"
chloe 25 Jan 2016

"Thank you for these videos, Kyle. They are blowing my mind."
David Rafael 24 Jan 2016

"It was awesome experience . I learned it in just 16 min (approx) I loved it."
Hugh M Levins 22 Jan 2016

"This is really good! I didn't have much faith in me being able to remember anything, but it's actually really easy. Thank you for this"
Jordin Nepe Apatu 21 Jan 2016

"I'm going to post this to my college Chem. class! this was great! Thanks Kyle! "
Christina Cooper 20 Jan 2016

"I love you"
Wendy 17 Jan 2016

"That was awesome "
John 17 Jan 2016

"I need to bookmark this website so I can watch the videos again when I'm in highschool... πŸ˜„ "
Chelsea 17 Jan 2016

"Wow, this really helps me a lot! Thanks"
Ameline 18 Jan 2016

"thx so much!! memorized FIRST 20 in 19 minutes 39 seconds!!!! (timed it)!!"
Dashing Ethan 17 Jan 2016

"I'm 12 years old and its so fun to learn the elements so fast!!!!! :-D;-)"
Riya 14 Jan 2016

"Sir, the videos are undoubtedly the best and amazing!"
Raghuram 14 Jan 2016

"This was amazing i am really interested in becoming a Scientist this was a REALLY good resource and i learned the first 20 elements"
Rory O. Uskavitch 13 Jan 2016

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