Memorize the Names of the 66 Books of the Bible in Less than 1 Hour

...with one-of-a-kind whiteboard animation videos that hack your memory using expert memorization techniques


Memorize the 66 Books of the Bible in Less than 1 Hour?!?

How is that possible?

If you’re like most people, you try to memorize lists with the subtle repetition of a sledgehammer wielding china-shop bull. 

Unfortunately, using repetition (or sledgehammers) for memorization only creates painful headaches. 

To remember and recall the names of all 66 books of the Bible super-fast and effectively you need to use advanced memory techniques … 

…but we’ve taken it a quantum leap further. 

Important point No. 1: Memorization is all about creating connections in your mind. 

Important point No. 2: Human memory is predominantly visual

So we use an expert memory technique (the Link and Story Method) to create connections between the names of all 66 books of the Bible… 

…and use our unique whiteboard animation videos to activate your incredible visual memory. 

The result? 

Memory super glue!

You’ll be able to replay the video in your mind as you work through the memory story and recite all the Bible books in order. 

Yes, it’s that simple.

Check out the first video lesson below to see what we mean...

What's Inside the Course?

The course includes 7 video lessons covering the books of the Old and New Testaments.

Each video includes a visual memory story for the name of every book in order, plus a lesson recap.

It sounds simple, because it is!

Preview the first video >>


The World's Most Viewed Memory Coach

With millions of views on YouTube and other platforms, Kyle Buchanan is the most viewed professional memory coach in the world. 

He’s pioneered the use of whiteboard animation videos to teach best-practice memorization techniques to students, professionals and lifelong learners of all ages. 

Thousands and thousands of people have memorized all 118 chemical elements of the periodic table thanks to his iconic video series “Memorize the Periodic Table” … and now he’s doing the same thing for the 66 books of the Bible.

By creating connections between the name of each Bible book and transforming them into whiteboard animation videos, here's what happens...

As Easy as Watching Netflix

Press play and watch the videos … that’s it!

You don’t need flashcards, worksheets or a pen and paper. Trust us, we know what we’re doing ;)

Faster than an Uber Driver Late for Dinner

Yes, you really can memorize 66 Bible book names in less than 1 hour!

You’ll have lifetime access to the video series, but you’ll only need it for one night.

More Effective Than Super Glue

It will blow your mind how effectively these videos stick to your memory.

That's the power of neuroscience brain hacks combined with cool whiteboard animations.

Discover a Super Power You Didn’t Know You Had

Imagine waking up one morning and discovering you could suddenly do something jaw-droppingly awesome.

If you’ve never seen our videos before, you’re about to get a rush of exhilaration that will put you on the moon!

Ready to Have Your Mind Blown?

Buy Now and Memorize Like You Never Have Before

This new video series is just like 'Memorize the Periodic Table' - and here's what people are saying about that course...

Feedback for 'Memorize the Periodic Table'

Soooo amazing! I had to memorize the periodic table of elements to get out of my biology final. I only had a day to do it. Well, I passed my test! 100%! My biology teacher wants me to do a presentation on how I memorized it in just a day!

Melanie K.

My student Jack, age 10, just recited all 118 in front of his mother and school administrator! Normally, Jack has a flat affect (doesn't emote), but he was smiling from ear to ear, and high-fiving everyone! A very proud little boy! You have two fans for life ... I think your program is AMAZING!

Andrea W.

For those new to this....IT WORKS! I tried it and can now recite 118 chemical elements. I did it in front of my mates and they were shocked haha. Well worth it.


My name is Stephanie Greene and I am a homeschool mom. My son used Memorize Academy in his science class at Impact Co-op. I was truly amazed at how quickly and easily my son memorized the periodic table, something I never did, even in high school, and he mastered it easily as a young 7th grader. Great product!! I highly recommend it!!

Stephanie Greene

My 10 yo student is studying chemistry and is captivated by the periodic table. I showed her the video of memorizing the first 10 elements and she was immediately hooked. She watched it again, then the next 20 elements. By that time, she had memorized the first 20 and asked for the full course. This is a child who had never even heard of phosphorus before the videos, but that didn't slow her down. Kyle's techniques and drawings are fabulous - thanks, Kyle!

Pamela Cadd

Thanks Kyle! My 11year-old and I are up to Zinc in 3 breakfast study sessions. I can't wait for us to have complete command of the table and be able to spit it out years from now. The method is simply amazing.

Tom Novak

Memorized 118 elements and atomic numbers in just a couple of hours :O That was incredibly simple

Sam Martinez

This is spectacular! It has become a family affair (-: I intended to help my 16 year old prepare for Chemistry, but now a 6, 7, 13, 16 and 47 year-old are learning all the elements...and laughing all the way! When someone can't remember one, someone else acts out the picture and everyone bursts into laughter! Thank you, Kyle!!

Faith D Wolfley

You are awesome! I don't know what I'd do without this. I've been trying to learn the elements for the past 2 years but in vain. Now, I can actually remember every single element. Thank you so much!!


My 8 year-old daughter and I love your course. I homeschool all 4 of our girls and we are doing chemistry this year. This has been such a pleasant, end-of-summer, gearing up for school kind of bonding experience. I'm recommending the video series to our homeschool coop and other homeschooling friends.

Julianne Sherman

Yes, those videos have blown the minds of a lot of people.

And now 'Memorize the Books of the Bible' is about to do the same thing.

Bonus Visual Reference Guide

Quick and easy PDF visual reference guide including all the custom illustrations.

Print the illustrations for a quick review or turn them into flashcards, if that's your thing. Each professional illustration is custom drawn to ensure its effectiveness.

Blow-Your-Mind Guarantee

If this video training does not BLOW YOUR MIND, you’ve got 30 days to ask for your money back and you’ll receive a full refund - simple as that.

Shortcut Hours of Study for Only $27?!?

What happens if you purchase this training and learn 66 Bible books straight away?

Imagine if you could do weeks of study in just hours. That amazing feeling of complete disbelief and absolute triumph is coming your way.

What happens if you don't purchase?

You’ll miss out on a rush of exhilaration like you’ve never experienced, you’ll miss out on those incredible bonus courses, and you’ll resign yourself to never discovering how to memorize much, much more effectively.


Yes, you'll be able to start at Genesis and recite all 66 books in order right up to Revelation
You get lifetime access. But you’ll only need one night, not weeks or years ;)
The videos are viewable by streaming only. You will need an active internet connection to view them. But stay tuned, we've got something big planned ;)
Yes, comments and questions inside the course will get a speedy response. For technical issues you can email ‘[email protected]’ and get personal assistance.
If this course doesn’t Blow Your Mind you have 30 days to ask for your money back and you’ll get a full refund.
The videos are family friendly and super-effective for any age or type of student or lifelong learner.
Because it uses the 5 Principles of Memorization and best of all - the work is already done for you. This is not a ‘How to…’ training course that teaches you a technique and then sends you off to put in hours of work yourself. It’s a crazy brain hack where the mental connections will be put into your head for you, all you need to do is watch and listen to the videos.
Yes! When you purchase the course you’ll receive a a visual reference guide of all the custom illustrations.
Yes! We offer discounts on normal pricing. Shoot an email to ‘[email protected]’ and we’ll chat ;)
Sorry, no. Sharing your log-in details is a security risk and against our terms and conditions.
Yes! Kyle Buchanan is the world’s most viewed memory coach for a reason – his videos combine best-practice memorization techniques with whiteboard animation to create a super-effective learning experience that will blow your mind! Check out the testimonials to hear what other people think.

Memorize 66 Books of the Bible in Less than 1 Hour

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