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Our one-of-a-kind videos teach students best-practice memorization techniques so they memorize 10X more effectively and crush exams.

We combine whiteboard animation videos with the super-effectiveness of expert-level memory methods - and blow your mind at how fast and easily you can memorize and learn.

It's like discovering a super power you didn't realize you had.

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Human Memory is Visual

Your memory is predominantly visual. The key is knowing how to use and apply your visual memory.

Here's the brain hack. Visual memory is activated when you physically see an image or when you visualize it in your mind.

We use online videos and show you exactly what to visualize.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

This is why Memorize Academy is unique. We boost your effective recall and engagement even more by using whiteboard animation videos.

We explain what to visualize and draw a custom illustration - right in front of you.

You take a mental snapshot without even thinking.

Visualization and Association

The 'secret' to improving how you remember and recall is visualization and association.

To recall information you re-create the mental image, and remember what else it's connected to.

How do you apply it to words, number and formulas? That's what we'll teach you.

Super Power Discovery

When you discover how easily you can memorize, you'll be astonished.

Learn how to do this for any type of information and you'll feel like you've discovered a super power you didn't realize you had.

Millions of people have been blown away by their own ability - and so will you.

The first step in the learning process is knowing how to memorize.

Let's make it a huge one.

The Whiteboard Animation Memory Coach

Kyle Buchanan is the most viewed memory coach in the world with over 11 million video views across YouTube and other platforms.

He has pioneered the use of whiteboard animation videos to teach best-practice memorization techniques to students and lifelong learners around the world.

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