Memorize 195 Countries & Capital Cities in Less than 4 Hours


Memorize the Capital Cities of 195 Countries
in Less than 4 Hours?!?

How is that possible?

If you’re like the average student, you probably have the sense you’re wasting time when you try to remember new information.

There has to be a faster way to memorize, right?

The typical approach involves endless repetition, either with flashcards, re-reading or talking to yourself over and over.

What’s the most frustrating part of that method? It takes too long, nothing sticks in your head straight away, and frankly – it’s just plain boring.

If you want to memorize the capital cities of 195 countries, you’ve got a lot of pain ahead.


How Am I Going to Make You Look and Feel Like a Star?

Memorization is all about connecting pieces of information in your mind.

That’s why repetition alone doesn’t work – it’s the mental equivalent of throwing mud against a wall.

Here's what you do...

To remember that Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, you need to create a mental link between them.

Because human memory is predominantly visual, if that mental link uses a picture it will stick in your memory like super glue.

So here’s the link – Kingston sounds like ‘king stung’ and Jamaica sounds like ‘jam maker’.

Imagine a king making a big pot of jam when he gets stung by a bee - ‘jam maker’ and ‘king stung’.

That’s the link, now we’ll turn it into a picture…

The World's Most Viewed Memory Coach

Kyle Buchanan is a professional memory coach who has spent the past 5 years teaching students how to super-boost their learning with video courses like ‘Memorize the Periodic Table’ and ‘How to Memorize’.

Starting in 2012 he made a massive change in the way best-practice memorization techniques are taught, by pioneering the use of whiteboard animation videos in his training. With over 12 million video views on his popular YouTube channel and website, Kyle is the most watched memory coach in the world.

And now he’s going to blow your mind all over again by making you memorize the capital cities of 195 countries in less than four hours.

By creating links between 195 countries and their capital cities and transforming them into a whiteboard animation video series, here's what happens...

You Don't Have to Learn What to Do

This isn’t like a class that teaches you how to cook – the gourmet feast has already been prepared and you’re about to be spoon fed.

Just watch and listen to the videos and you’ll be astonished how easily your amazing memory will lock onto the associations and connections between countries and capitals.

The Grand-Daddy of All Shortcuts

Learning 195 capital cities would usually take weeks. These videos use expert memory techniques to hack your brain and slash that time-frame like a razor sharp machete through paper. Seriously.

No Motivation is Required

Whiteboard animation videos are like a magic spell. You can’t stop watching them. If you’ve never experienced your kids begging you to watch an educational video, prepare to enter unexplored territory.

Self-Confidence on a Space Rocket

Exhilaration isn’t a feeling most people associate with study and learning. But when you discover how easily and effectively you can remember 195 capitals and countries, it changes how you see yourself.

Check out the testimonials below and you’ll get the idea.

Ready to Have Your Mind Blown?

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Here's what people are saying about Memorize Academy...

Feedback for 'Memorize the Periodic Table'

For those who wonder why anyone would memorize the periodic table, I have this to say:

Teaching a child how to memorize is teaching them an invaluable skill they can use for the rest of their school years or possibly their career. 

At first, when you show a child the table and tell them they will be able to memorize it, they think "no way."  But after learning the first 10, they change their mind.  My students feel so empowered -- especially the ones who have learning challenges. And when they recite the elements to the principal, their peers, and other teachers, they are received as rock stars. Especially when our STEM teacher (who has a PhD in science) and our high school chemistry teacher admit that they don't know them by heart, the kids feel over the moon.

So, I say to those who question the value of memorizing the periodic table, you're right in that it isn't a necessary life skill, but if you ask the kids who have done it, they will tell you that it was life changing.

Andrew Weiner

I would like to thank you for creating such an amazing project. Last September, my son, Hanno, 6yo, and I stumbled upon two of your YouTube videos about how to memorize words and he instantly remembered almost all the words afterwards. Then he wanted more. I searched the rest of your videos. It was about the first 20 elements of the periodic table. Each day I showed him 5 elements to remember. After memorizing all 20, he begged me to purchase the membership so he could remember the entire periodic table. I thought he might lose interest very soon, and the money would be a waste.

A week later, he asked me again, and offered to use his money to pay for it. He also explained that we could ask for a refund if it didn't work out (as the video said). lol I couldn't believe, a month later (I spaced out the video tutorials), he memorized the entire periodic table and the atomic numbers!! And the best part is that it still sticks, half a year later!! I can't thank you enough!

Lily Zhu

Feedback for 'How to Memorize'

I found your course just before the beginning of the semester. You made learning feel more like a journey than a chore, which is something I think very few people get to experience. By the end of the semester, I brought my GPA up from a 2.75 to a 3.75 (I even took more classes than I normally do). I haven’t been an A student since grade school! Thank you Kyle for your training – you single-handedly changed the way I approach any new information.

John Medlock

What was valuable about this video course? Every. Single. Aspect.

I am a pre-nursing student and many of these techniques are useful in memorizing subjects like anatomy and medical terminology. I was happy to discover that there was a video on how to memorize foreign words--which medical terminology can often be! These methods will be useful to any student.

Ashlyn Allan

What's Inside the Course?

The 195 countries of the world are divided into four sections – Africa, Asia, Europe and The Americas & Oceania.

Within each section are four video lessons featuring whiteboard animation, full narration and expert memory techniques. At the end of each section you can test your recall with a graded online quiz.

The four sections can be purchased individually, but here’s what happens when you buy the complete course…


Countries & Capitals BONUSES!

Purchase the complete course and receive a 30% discount and downloadable PDF worksheets.

Save 30% on the Complete Course

Purchase each of the four sections separately for $17 (total of $68) or purchase the complete course for only $47 and save 30%.

Downloadable Worksheets

  • Quick and easy PDF visual reference guides including all the custom illustrations.
  • 3-Stage-Maps - practice locating and labeling each country; draw the borders of each country; draw the entire map yourself!
  • PDF reference guide of all the flags of the world

Blow-Your-Mind Guarantee

If this video training does not BLOW YOUR MIND, you’ve got 30 days to ask for your money back and you’ll receive a full refund - simple as that.

What happens if you purchase this training and learn 195 capital cities straight away?

Think about this – how will you feel when you do weeks of study in just hours? Yes, you'll have saved yourself a massive amount of effort, but imagine that feeling of complete disbelief and absolute triumph.

What happens if you don't purchase?

You’ll miss out on a rush of exhilaration like you’ve never experienced, but if you don’t purchase this training you’ll also commit yourself to the boring tedium and time-suck of your old, ineffective study methods. Believe me, there’s a better way to memorize.


The United Nations includes 193 member states and 2 non-member observer states, for a total of 195. Other sources may give a slightly different number.
When you’re given the name of a country you will be able to immediately reply with the name of its capital city (and vice versa). This video course will not enable you to recite the list of all 195 countries in order – but I can show you how to do that!
You get lifetime access. But you’ll only need hours, not weeks or years ;)
The videos are viewable by streaming only. You will need an active internet connection to view them.
Yes, comments and questions inside the course will get a speedy response. For technical issues you can email ‘[email protected]’ and get personal assistance.
If this course doesn’t Blow Your Mind you have 30 days to ask for your money back and you’ll get a full refund.
The videos are family friendly and super-effective for any age or type of student or lifelong learner.
The complete course has 16 lessons of 10-15 minutes each. That’s all it takes to save you weeks of tedious study!
Sure you can, but you’ll get a 30% discount and receive bonuses when you purchase the complete course.
Because it uses the five principles of memorization and best of all - the work is already done for you. This is not a ‘How to…’ training course that teaches you a technique and then sends you off to put in hours of work yourself. It’s a crazy brain hack where the mental connections will be put into your head for you, all you need to do is watch and listen to the videos.
Yes! When you buy the complete course you’ll receive a number of bonus downloads including a visual reference guide of all the custom illustrations.
Yes! Shoot an email to ‘[email protected]’ and we’ll do a deal ;)
Sorry, no. Sharing your log-in details is a security risk and against our terms and conditions.
Yep! Kyle Buchanan is the world’s most viewed memory coach for a reason – his videos combine best-practice memorization techniques with whiteboard animation to create a super-effective learning experience that will blow your mind! Check out the testimonials to hear what other people think.

Memorize 195 Countries & Capitals in Less than 4 Hours

Are You Ready To Have Your Mind Blown?


Did You Get Them All?

Canada (can udder) - Ottawa (otter 'Whaa...'?); Chile (chilly) - Santiago (Santa Go); Colombia (Christopher Columbus) - Bogota (bogged Toyota); Ireland (island) - Dublin (double in); Jamaica (jam maker) - Kingston (king stung); Armenia (arm in ear) - Yerevan (yellow van); Iceland (land of ice) - Reykjavik (rake a witch); Poland (pole land) - Warsaw (war saw); Senegal (cent eagle) - Dakar (duck car); Turkey (turkey) - Ankara (anchor A)


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