How to Memorize the Periodic Table
in Less than 3 Hours


The Fastest and Easiest Way to Memorize the Periodic Table

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How to Memorize the Periodic Table
in Less than 3 Hours

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Memorize the Periodic Table 10X Faster

Effortlessly Tattoo the Periodic Table to Your Memory ... Even if Your Exam is Tomorrow and You Can't Remember What You Ate for Lunch Yesterday

Here’s your challenge – you need to memorize the periodic table.

But if you’re anything like the million+ people who’ve watched my YouTube videos (or the thousands of people who’ve read my book) ...

... your real challenge isn’t what you think.

More on that in a moment, but first …

It doesn’t matter whether you need to memorize 20, 50 or even all 118 chemical elements, it’s a tough task. Especially when you haven’t even heard of some of those elements before!

You can stare mindlessly at a textbook for hours, or repeat things to yourself endlessly like a crazy person, all while a deadline is slowly ticking down.

The pressure gets high, doesn't it?

Or perhaps you break information down into smaller chunks that you have to learn every day …

… until you realize it’s going to take you the entire summer to learn.

Or maybe you’re just curious how memory experts remember so easily.

Memorization Can Be Boring and Repetitive

Now you could use songs or acronyms to memorize the periodic table … and a lot of people try.

You’ll even meet people who’ve succeeded, but the thing is - it still took them a crazy long time with a lot of repetition and pain.

But when you understand how your memory works, you’ll realize ...

... there’s a MUCH quicker solution

Human Memory is Predominantly Visual

But songs and acronyms are verbal memory techniques, not visual.

OK, so back to the million+ YouTube viewers and thousands of people who’ve read my book.

Their real problem wasn’t that they needed to memorize the periodic table, so what was it?

They were trying to memorize the wrong way.

No wonder they were living in a world of hurt.

They had an amazing tool to use – their visual memory – but they weren’t using it!

It’s a bit like using a screwdriver to bang a nail, instead of using a hammer. You could probably do it with enough effort ... but seriously – why would you?

So what’s the solution? 

"Memorize the Periodic Table"

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Here's how it works...

You’ll watch an image being drawn that automatically links in your mind to the name of a chemical element.

A carefully crafted story links that image to another picture, which in turn prompts your brain straight away to recall the name of the next chemical element.

Memory experts call this the Link and Story Method (yes, there’s a lot of geeky neuroscience stuff going on here, but you don’t need to know about that).

Remember, your problem is NOT that you need to memorize the periodic table ... your problem is that you need to activate your visual memory.

first element hydrogen

Watch the 16 Bite-Sized Videos and You'll Be Able To:

memory hack videos
  • Recite the names of all 118 chemical elements in order - forwards or backwards
  • Recall the atomic numbers for each element on demand
  • Astonish yourself and others with your new superpower
    (you'll be showing everyone your geeky party trick)
  • Enjoy many hours of leftover study time

You Won't Believe How Fast It Works...

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visual reference guide

Custom Illustrations

Bonus PDF visual reference guide of all 118 illustrated elements

remember atomic numbers

Atomic Numbers

Recall the atomic number for any element with these bonus videos

memorize chemical symbols

Chemical Symbols

Discover how to memorize chemical symbols using this PDF quick guide

kyle buchanan memory coach

The World's Most Viewed Memory Coach

With millions of views on YouTube and elsewhere online, Kyle Buchanan is the most viewed professional memory coach in the world.

He’s pioneered the use of whiteboard animation videos to teach best-practice memorization techniques to students, professionals and lifelong learners of all ages.

Thousands and thousands of people have memorized all 118 chemical elements of the periodic table (and made themselves look like heroes) thanks to his iconic video series “Memorize the Periodic Table”and now he’s about to do the same for you.

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The Fastest Way to Memorize the Periodic Table

The mind-blowing ‘memory hacks’ are built into the videos

Just watch and listen to the videos, that’s all you have to do. Then your natural memory will do something incredible.

Recall the entire periodic table in a few short hours

There is no faster way to memorize the periodic table. You don’t have to learn any techniques or do any work – and that’s a nuclear shortcut!

Become the hero you deserve to be

Your memory has huge potential waiting to be unlocked. And we’re going to make you look like a super hero!

Put your self-confidence on a space rocket

Exhilaration isn’t a feeling most people associate with memorization. But when you discover how easily and effectively you can remember 118 chemical elements, it changes how you see yourself.

Check out the testimonials and you’ll get the idea.

Memorize the Periodic Table

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  • Memorize 118 chemical elements in under 3 hours
  • Recall the atomic number of each element
  • Bonus illustrated reference guide
  • Slash your study time
  • Recall effortlessly
  • Avoid boring repetition
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If this video training does not BLOW YOUR MIND, ask for your money back within 30 days and you'll get a full refund. Simple as that.

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Memorize the Periodic Table

$37 one-time payment

  • Memorize 118 chemical elements in under 3 hours
  • Recall the atomic number of each element
  • Bonus illustrated reference guide
  • Slash your study time
  • Recall effortlessly
  • Avoid boring repetition
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You have an amazing memory.

How will you feel when you do weeks of study in just hours? Yes, you'll have saved yourself a massive amount of effort, but imagine the feeling of complete disbelief and absolute triumph.  

One thing I've learned as a professional memory coach is that almost everybody drastically underestimates the stunning power of their own memory.

If you're serious about memorizing the periodic table, I know you can do it less than three hours from right now.

Join me inside and I'll show you why.

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