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About Kyle

Kyle Buchanan is the world's most viewed memory coach.

His popular YouTube channel has over 18 million views and 350k subscribers.

After creating the first of his “Memorize the Presidents” videos in 2016 it quickly became the #1 video on YouTube and Google for students needing to learn all the US Presidents.

This series combines expert memory techniques with pioneering video design that 'hacks' your memory so you visualize and recall the name of each president in perfect order, almost instantly.

If you want to slash your study time, memorize the 45 US Presidents faster than you ever thought possible (and ace your quiz) - register now for free.

45 Presidents in 60 Minutes. Easy.

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Your "US Presidents" Memory Training is a
Step-by-Step Video Series Showing You...

  • How to link each president in your mind so it sticks ... without wasting time with boring repetition (like they teach at school)
  • Discover how to finally remember new information, even if you've tried every review technique that exists and they all failed
  • Find out what it's like to study for 60 minutes and ace your quiz (and realize you're NOT the poster child for poor memory)
  • And MUCH, much more ...

45 Presidents in 60 Minutes. Easy.

(Available for a limited time)


What's Everyone Saying About
"Memorize the Presidents"?

I needed a quick way to memorize their order for my upcoming test, but I was scared of such a daunting task. The visuals in the videos just stuck with me, and putting it into a story form was entertaining and helped the memorization process. After the first video, I went back and recited the main points of the story and the presidents they related to - it made me giddy! I'm so happy and less stressed now.

Thank you so much! I'm homeschooled and this is the big project for the end of the year I have been putting this off so thanks so much its working so far! This is a wish come true!
Toria Anderson

I'm surprised I was able to find something like this that actually works. You're a miracle worker!
John B

This is just sublime, made my day so much better and actually had fun learning. Amazing
Carl Dedeyan

This actually works. I got it down in about an hour
Bolu Osibamiro

AMAZING!!!!!!!! Super impressive I've never thought that something like this would work. I never thought it was possible to learn the presidents so fast. You're amazing, I can't believe how you took a few drawings , turned them into a story, and make learning so fun! Also I love the background music its soooooo satisfying and it helps me focus on the video more then without it because I have ADHD

About a month ago, I used this course to learn all the presidents. I just reviewed to see if I could recall what I learned, and I've confirmed it's really in there - I remembered the whole story! Thank you for making it so easy and fun!
Mel Roman

I'm in fifth grade and I'm dyslexic and we have to memorize all the presidents. I said I could not do it until I found this website
Slade Hickson

Thank you Kyle! I spent less than 20 minutes on this and I know the first 20 presidents already!
Sam Rhodes

This is extremely helpful. I am coming to a new school and the students have already had a head start in learning the presidents. Now I can for sure catch up! It is also really fun!
Lauren Moody

We learned the first 20 of the periodic table of elements from you last year! Love it. It was like playing a game together AND learning. Using the presidents this year (this week)! Awesome! Thanks so much.

This video was awesome the bizarre connections make it hilarious and easier to remember, I love your videos so much I watched these ones just for fun (I live in Australia so don't need to know American Presidents) but I now know the 45 American Presidents. All of your videos are so awesome and amazing, I can't wait for your Foreign languages course to come out and while I'm not sure exactly what your memorize cards video will be about I am anticipating them both. Thank you so much for making these awesome videos and sharing them with the world I have told some of my friends about Memorize academy and will continue to spread the word about this amazing website

This is gonna save my sorry behind in an upcoming history competition!
Indesh VJ

hey i just memorized 1 to 45 in 60 minutes to ace my test thank you so much
Jennifer Scherer

That saved my grade. It was actually a great way of memorising. You should make a similar video on the 50 state capitals. Thanks soooooo much
Daniel Flores John

Wow! I’ve memorized the first 30 presidents in only 18 minutes. This is much easier than a song, thank you so much! I can’t wait to tell my friends I finally found something that actually works, hopefully they will sign up to memorize them too!
Audrey Burns

This really works! I can memorize the 20 presidents first try!

You just saved my history grade!!!!!!!!

It is amazing how pics can help you memorise things so fast and efficiently!
Shreya Gupta

Thank you so much! Never thought it would be this easy. Much better than the song.

AMAZING!!! I connected all of them with no problem at all! Thank you for making videos like these! Studying for AP US history takes up so much time and this just saved me hours!
Bob Brown

My 5th grader just learned the presidents in order for a test in one hour! He said "I feel so smart!" He loves drawing so this was much more helpful than just a song.

Amazing this is awesome I watched your first video for a test after I was done I thought it was a waste of time so I went back to the song which took two days to learn. The test day finally arrived and I tried to remember the song but failed so I looked out side thinking all was lost when I was blinded by the sun that was when I remembered the mad sun. So I went through the story and I could see it so clearly that it felt like it was a movie and I was watching it in class. Thank you you saved my grades.

Man I wish I had known about visualization when I memorized the capitals and countries. It took me months to do that and only a few hours for the presidents. Thank you for all your work!
Jenna Scott

I'm having to go on crunch time to memorize all 45 for APUSH, and this was a great help! I got all 45 memorized in an hour!
Jennifer Thornton

I love this! I am so disappointed that I didn't know about this visual memorization sooner in my life. Thank you
Alexis Winder

Wow...never thought it is going to be so easy. Thank you so much!!!
Usmon Mirzoaliev

Can't believe how well it worked this was awesome I memorized all 45 presidents in under an hour
Bronte Burkart

thank you so much Mr.Buchanan, we are supposed to memorize all the 45 presidents at my school (last and first name) and I am super bad at memorizing things and I thought is was going to be impossible! but I already have the first 20!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TRULY!!!

I had a test and this helped me cram all the presidents in one day thank you !!!!
Oscar Frometa

Thank you, Kyle, it's fantastic, what you do. All the best!
Andrew Provod

My 12-year-old son LOVES this and is so engaged, we bought the periodic table as well. Thank you for bringing art and fun to education. All the best!
Susanna Scott

i have an AP Us History quiz coming in two days and i have to memorize the first 30 presidents,so i went online and search up the possible ways in which i could really memorize them and most ways like the first of their last names and songs and chunking them into pieces etc. didn't really help. It seems like it would take a week to learn them. And finally i stumble up on one of your videos and check it out, after watching the youtube video with the 1st 10 presidents i memorize them by the end of the video.which is awesome and great.i know now that i am totally going to ace that quiz and all thanks would be to you.

I had to take a little break in between sessions but I would say that it took less than an hour to remember all the US presidents.

This works great! Kyle takes time to explain the images and doesn't blow through them like the president songs! This is a 10 out of 10!
Christopher Knab

This really helped me to learn all my 45 presidents. This is the only thing that really helped me to learn them. It was fun and easy. Thank you so much!

Thank you very much for your memorizing presidents course it really helped me memorize all 45 presidents in less than an hour for my test in civics! 
Ishan Vepa 

These are amazing! Thanks for sharing your creativity. It's genius :) 
Josie Rock 

That was great. Reading them off flash cards never really worked for me but now all I have to do is start a story and I can remember it. I have aced all my presidents so far but Monday is when we do all 45 and I'm so excited because I know I'll crush it. Thank You so much this really helped me

This was awesome I memorized all of the presidents in a hour. 

whoooo! I am really amazed. 

Man that was great!! This was the easiest way to memorize them :) 
Rene M 

this is so cool i got all of them 
Jude Truschel 

You literally just saved my grade on my history final. Thank you!!! 
Becca Telander 

You have saved my life! I love this so much! Thank you!

Mind blown at how fast I learned all of them!!! This video was a lifesaver!!

Oh my lands! I literally learned these in less than 20 mins. I'm memorizing faster than ever!!! 
Aleiha Mitchell 

I love the presidents video
Jodi Lyn Peer 

You are a life saver! I'm so happy I found this :)

Three of us just memorized it!
Courtney Bradley 

Oh my goodness, this is working so well! I can now remember all of the us presidents in order!!! Thanks Kyle.

Wow that was so easy I memorized all 45 presidents in around an hour

Good course Kyle, all 44 remembered in less than an hour. Thanks!
Simon Thomas 

Love it!! Great whiteboards! And so easy to learn and retain. You've done it again, dear Kyle!



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