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their Parties and Years in Office

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Memorize the Name, Political Party and Number of Years in Office of EACH President in Less than 2 Hours?!?

Ever wished you could shortcut weeks of boring study?

These whiteboard animation videos use best-practice memorization techniques to do just that.

Watch six short videos and here's what will happen:

  • I'll brain-hack your memory and almost upload the information for you
  • You'll memorize the name, political party and number of years in office of all the US presidents - in less than 2 hours!

How is that possible?

Human memory is predominantly visual. I'll show you what to visualize and how to connect each piece of information in your mind.

Your visual memory will do the rest. Simple.

Still don't believe me?

That's cool, skepticism is healthy :)

Register for the free version of this training and you'll memorize the names of all the presidents in less than one hour.

Once that blows your mind, come back and purchase this course.

When you do that, here's what you get:

  • Six short whiteboard animation videos
  • Bonus downloadable illustrated reference guide
  • Shocked friends and family when you recite all your new knowledge in a couple of hours from now

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The World's Most Viewed Memory Coach

Kyle Buchanan is a professional memory coach who has spent the past 5 years teaching students how to super-boost their learning with video courses like ‘Memorize the Periodic Table’ and ‘How to Memorize’.

Starting in 2012 he made a massive change in the way best-practice memorization techniques are taught, by pioneering the use of whiteboard animation videos in his training. With over 15 million video views on his popular YouTube channel and website, Kyle is the most watched memory coach in the world.

And now he’s going to blow your mind all over again by making you memorize the name, political party and number of years in office of 45 presidents in less than two hours.

Here's what people are saying about Memorize Academy...

Absolutely tongue stunned. :) These videos are amazing! You are a true hero!

Kyle, I purchased the memory program for my daughters 10 and 12. They absolutely love this memory course!!!
Robert Rusniaczek

WOW! Your program and tricks are amazing!!!
Amy Goldsberry

This is the the most efficient memory tool I've found to date. Whether you need to remember the Periodic Table, the British Monarchs, or the 28 Olympic cities, Kyle's system works. Cheers Kyle and Thank You!
Matt Harris

This is just....FANTASTIC!!!
Josh Davies

You deserve endless recognition. Thanks a lot

Thank you for creating this! I was surprised to see how easily I could recite them after the video. Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks so much Kyle, really helpful... You are truly inspiring!☺
Kiesha Pitter


Ryan Rayner

Its amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i just looovvveeeddddd it

amariss nicole jarrett

This is totally awesome. I am going to recommend this to my friends the first thing tomorrow...
Annie sara

I have the WORST memory! This is like magic! Thank you for your awesome help.
Kaitlin Hogan

Hey Kyle...your videos are just MIND-BLOWING MAN!!!

I LOVE these videos they have helped me so much! 
Sarah Emly

Thanks a ton. You're the best. Hope teachers in schools would be teaching by using these beautiful methods in the future to teach students. Thanks again 😊😊😊😊
Paras Kumar Keith


What's Inside the Course?

Here's a preview video from inside the Free Presidents video series.

It highlights what's inside this premium course and how I'm going to add the political party and number of years in office to the President's name in your memory.

There're new details in the premium videos and a nice little bonus for you too :)


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Memorize the Name, Political Party and Number of Years in Office of 45 Presidents in Less than 2 Hours

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