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How to Memorize 10X Faster

Instant Memory 'Improvement'


Whatever you study - memorization is important.

If you’d like to memorize 10 times faster, this video will show easily you can improve.

You remember information in two main ways – as words, using your verbal memory, or as pictures, using your visual memory. They’re different mental processes and they achieve dramatically different results.

People never believe how absolutely crazy the difference is, so watch the video above and you can prove it for yourself.

If you’re like the average person, you'll be able to recall about five to seven words with your verbal memory, not necessarily in the right order.

But something absolutely crazy happens when I make you use your visual memory.

Leave a comment below and let me know how your verbal memory scored against your visual memory.

Visual memory techniques have been around for thousands of years, but for some reason, most people only know verbal memory techniques.

Verbal techniques are things like acronyms and acrostics, word associations and rhymes, and even songs, and they all need a serious chunk of boring repetition. They can be fantastic for a small number of words, but they don’t activate the amazing power of your visual memory.

For students, memorizing fast and effectively is important.

So how can you use visual memory techniques, when you study? How can you memorize this easily, all the time?

Check out these free training videos and I'll show you how step-by-step.

Tell me in the comments below how many words you remembered, and if you thought this was amazing, please share it with any students you know – they’ll thank you for the brain hack.


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